The business account – the basis for your success

The business account is the hub of all your business activities: all cash-related business transactions come together here – both the
domestic as well as foreign payment transactions.

Managing your payments and liquidity impacts your business success. A business account must therefore be able to do more than just reliably handle your payment transactions. Sometimes the granting of an overdraft facility is already sufficient, but depending on the size of the company, sophisticated cash management can also be useful.

The benefits of a corporate account at a glance:

  • Transfers

  • Standing orders

  • SEPA Direct Debits

  • Cash receipts and payments

  • Account statements by mail, electronically or at the statement printer

  • Use of online banking

And for handling cashless foreign exchange transactions, especially for recurring foreign exchange inflows and outflows, some banks also provide you with a foreign currency current account in all major currencies. Depending on the currency development, you choose the time of conversion of incoming payments yourself and thus use the exchange rate hedging effect of the foreign currency current account.

Business account comparison calculator

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